Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"dressed up like a million dollar trouper, trying hard to look like gary cooper"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
I am SO happy to welcome back the sophisticated trend form the 1980s!  For the past several months I have been noticing numerous designers extremely accentuating the shoulders in their latest fashion lines and it is beautiful.  Rather than using shoulder pads to solely broaden the shoulders,  these pads are giving women a hand with the hourglass shape--without adding bulk and creating a look of classic Hollywood glamour.  Being such a huge fan of taking a classic look and reinventing it, I, myself, am taking the liberty in using shoulder pads in my personal designs and creations.  I can not wait to see how this trend will blossom and I do hope it sticks around for quite a long time!

These four lovely ladies are looking more glamorous than ever
with these classic but modern dresses.

Other 1980s trends that are popular now:

Doc Martens :)

[textured, coloured, destroyed, etc.]
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