Monday, September 21, 2009

gonna quit my job and move to New York, 'cause somebody told me that's where the dreamers go

Monday, September 21, 2009
I've been kind of emotional this week.  I'm reflecting and I'm not liking all of the memories that are coming back.  I need some alone time but there isn't anywhere I can really just be alone.  That's the problem with college.  Sometimes I need to be secluded in a small place where I can just think, ponder, question, write, sing.....and not worry about bothering people.

I really liked my outfit today.

I don't have a topic this time.  I just feel like telling you my current state-of-mind since I can't seem to focus on anything else.  I really miss my dog, Mischa.  She is the best creature in my life.  Words can not even fathom how deeply I care for her.

For those of you who visited my blog to see some fashion, well here, I scoped this out on my mac during my Fashion Fundamentals class....shhh.

Proenza Schouler's Spring 2010 RTW---

Time for dinner!

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