Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"i knew that to keep in touch would do me deep in dutch"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It is officially cold at Kent State University.  The picture you see is only half of the layers I actually wore outside.  On top of the chilly temp., it was raining.  Perfect recipe to contract the flu or something worse (oink).  Although it was rather nasty outside, I am very happy to see the temperature dropping.  I love weather 50 and below.  Most people enjoy the hot, summer sun, but I am the opposite.  I enjoy wearing lots of layers and still looking stylish.  I avoid the Human Marshmallow wardrobe at all costs!

What I'm wearing:
-Black Dance Tights:  they are thicker than "panty hose" to allow more comfort in the cold and they don't snag as easily

-Vertan Italia Boots:  my all-time favorite piece in the fall/winter; most comfortable boots ever and I have worn them for 3 years now; they hold up well-----however, I am finally getting a new pair of black boots (over-the-knee!)

-Basic LBD:  I got this one from Forever 21; simple, easy, comfy, inexpensive

-Electric Blue Shrug:  This is from Express, although I purchased it at a discount store for $3.99.  It is a great piece to spice up my dark fall look

-Huge Purple Scarf:  Yay, birthday presents!  Urban Outfitters--super warm, worth the price

-Hat:  Yes, I tucked all of my hair into it; Mainly because my hair wasn't cooperating and to protect it from the rain;  Target has wonderful hats.

-As for the accessories (belt & necklace).....I have had these for a long time and I am taking a wild guess at which stores I bought them from;  Necklace:  New York & Co.        Belt:  Metroplace

1. Topshop
2. Urban Outfitters
3. Gabriel Brother's
4. Exstaza
5. Ebay
As of now, Topshop is my favorite.  I am digging the Haunted House themes they have coming out and I can't get enough of the Inside-Out Blog.
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